October 23, 2015


All the ministries at Trinity Church are to promote these four priorities: worship, fellowship, discipleship and outreach. Our four ministry teams match the four priorities of the church. These teams are project-oriented and open to all. It is our prayer that these teams will open up the ministry life of the church to many more people, giving them a voice and a hand in ministry, as well as impelling our hearts and hands toward service to the world around us.


Elder Teams for 2018

  • Administration: Mark Henry, Patrick McDowell, John Marchetti
  • Adult Discipleship: John Marchetti, Bruce Baugus
  • Children and Youth Discipleship: James Logan
  • Shepherding: Todd Barrett
  • Worship: Rob Jones, Patrick McDowell
  • Outreach: Ben McLain

Deacon Teams for 2018

  • Administration: Paul Adams, David Howie
  • Adult Discipleship: Dan Smith
  • Children and Youth Discipleship: Addison Canevaro
  • Shepherding: Martin McGee
  • Worship: Dave Collipp
  • Outreach: Jamie Allen